We visited London, from June 6th to the 9th

Our trip was very good, and culturally rich and funny.

It was a very dynamic experience that we enjoyed a lot. We had the opportunity to practice the English we have learned.

It was impossible not to notice all the multicultural richness of London. We saw different people from all over the world, Arabs, Indians, Americans, Africans and others working or travelling.

We saw many monuments, such as:

a) The Tower of London where the crown jewels are kept. This monument is very representative of the power of the crown in the middle ages.

b) Westminter Abbey, that is the most famous church where kings and queens are crowned, married and used to be buried. It’s a gothic church where there are tombs of many famous people. On the river cruise we saw the Parliament, the Big Ben, London Eye, Tower bridge and so on.

c) Madame Tussaud, is a famous museum where we can see a lot of famous people made in wax.

d) The British museum is the biggest one in the world and shows us the many artefacts found in the British Empire.

We also visited the Tate Modern and the Science museum. We had  four days of great learning about  English culture. We really enjoyed London and the  conviviality among our group.

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